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An Easier Way To Find Auto Insurance On The Internet

The rising generation may not remember any other way to purchase auto insurance, but the older generations will remember that insurance salespeople and agents traded by simply going door-to-door. Their success depends on their ability to convince people of the benefits of insurance and the fundamental need to protect themselves in this way.

In today's society, insurance is clearly a necessity. State and federal laws require certain types of insurance, especially auto insurance. Insurance agents no longer have to compete with the idea that insurance is an unaffordable luxury. Instead, they need to prove that their insurance will give customers the best auto insurance possible at the lowest price.

Customers understand the game, expect insurance companies to give them the best, and won't take anything else. By learning about insurance companies and different auto insurance policies, more and more customers are using the Internet not only to educate themselves, but also to find and compare quotes.

As complete as the Internet is a tool, it can sometimes be a bit too big. When you begin your own research to find the best auto insurance, you might be overwhelmed. You will probably start by checking the websites of several of the larger national insurance companies whose advertisements you have seen on television.

As you go through the tedious work of filling out your information on each website in order to get a quote, you'll be thinking, "There has to be an easier way to do this." And you will be absolutely right! There is an easier way to use the Internet to purchase auto insurance.

Independent insurance companies realize the amount of footwork (or finger work) you need to do to research and get quotes from the plethora of insurance companies online and in your geographic region. These independent insurance agents have chosen to act as intermediaries for you - in a good way!

Basically, independent insurance companies have deals with dozens of insurance companies that allow them to sell you auto insurance. When you visit an independent insurance company website and start your search for policies in your price range, the results give you an overview of various companies and policies rather than just one. This opens up a load of resources at your fingertips on one page!

Using the Internet to purchase auto insurance can be quick and convenient. In order to make the most of these advantages of the Internet and avoid wasting hours of effort, start by researching independent insurance companies in your area. Pick a few of these independent insurance agencies and see what kind of quotes you get.

And you don't have to stop there. There are many independent agents who will give you the personal attention you need and want. Don't do it the hard way. Once you've found a comfortable choice, call the agency and see if they have any additional resources, discounts, and options that will help you better fit your situation and budget. can help you find the best policy for your needs and your budget. Each client is treated personally and professionally. With over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, 01insurance has the experience you need for independent insurance and auto insurance in New York.

Shawn Shearer is a seasoned SEO and web content writer with over 10 years of writing and editing experience in the world of the web, newspapers and more.

Lesser Known Auto Insurance Discounts

I am asked daily how to reduce the insurance premiums of people in my insurance agency. Some things are quite intuitive, like the driving record and the age of the driver. Here are some of the answers that I offer regularly and which are a little less known:

Credit score

It is true. Your credit score can and will be used against you in your auto insurance rates. Insurance companies have a long and well-established correlation between low credit scores and a high loss experience. Can you repeat that please? This means that statistically people with lower credit scores have had more claims than people with higher credit scores. Some states do not allow insurers to rate you on your credit, but they use other means to determine your financial stability.

Home ownership

One of those other ways to determine financial stability is homeownership. Many companies that offer both home and auto insurance say they offer you a price cut because you buy both through their business. The truth is, almost all auto insurers will reduce your policy if you are a homeowner. On average, owners are less likely to make a claim for something small - this is the reason for the reduction.

Previous coverage

Keep this policy in effect. This is one of the biggest discounts you can get in auto insurance. Just having a policy in effect for a year or more will dramatically improve your rates and give you more insurance choices. And remember: the higher your liability limits, the better. Insurers like you to have insurance, but they really like it when your limits are above the state minimum. It shows judgment, maturity and consideration.

Loss history

Just because there wasn't a police report or traffic citation doesn't mean the fender bending didn't happen. Most insurance companies report claims to a database called CLUE. Your CLUE report is like your insurance credit score. When you file a claim, this information is saved and can be used in the pricing process for your next auto insurance policy. If you have a long history of insurance claims, many insurance companies may consider you a bad risk and rate you accordingly.

Technical discounts

For the tech-savvy consumer, some insurers offer discounts for paperless billing. That paper and postage cost something, and they're ready to pass those savings on to you if you like having your bills delivered to your inbox. Likewise, most insurance companies offer savings on automated monthly electronic drafts. If you sign up to have your monthly payment taken from your checking account, the insurer will cut you off on the down payment charge.

Big Brother

For people who don't mind being “watched” by their insurer, they can get a discount if they let the insurance company install a GPS-enabled device. These devices vary in functionality, but most show location, speed, time spent on the road, rate of acceleration and deceleration. This is a reduction that can work against you if you still enjoy driving 20 mph over the speed limit. These devices were originally used by parents to track teenage drivers.

Be harnessed

Yep. Insurance companies love married people. Just like your mother, they want you to grow up and settle down. Call your agent or company after your wedding and you will see immediate savings on your auto insurance.