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Fitbit Charge 4 receives a new update with GPS improvements, smart alert alarms

Fitbit Charge 4 receives a new update that brings GPS improvements, Smart Wake alarms and some other changes to the smart range. New features come with firmware version 1.96.29 that can be updated through the Fitbit app. The changelog posted on the help page on the Fitbit website shows that Fitbit Charge 4 now gets dynamic GPS mode and more control over GPS settings through the same smart range. Also, there are some additions to the settings app and also some important fixes.

Fitbit Charge 4 firmware version 1.96.29

The Fitbit website indicates that this version brings dynamic GPS to Charge 4, which means it can automatically switch between using smart band GPS or the phone's GPS system. If the phone is close to Fitbit Charge 4, it will use GPS for the phone, which in turn will save the battery, and if the phone is not near the smart range, it will switch to the built-in GPS sensor to record the necessary statistics. The new settings can be managed in Charge 4 itself.

Other enhancements include the Smart Wake feature in the Alerts app, which finds "the best time to wake you up 30 minutes before the alert time you set." This alert prevents it from sounding during deep sleep and if Smart Wake cannot find the correct time, the alarm will go off at the normal time set by the user. The new Screen Timeout setting allows users to specify how long the screen will last. The Settings app now also shows the date Charge 4 was activated. In addition, there are some bug fixes with the new update as well.

Fitbit Charge 4 was announced in India in April and is priced at Rs. 14999. Not offered for sale in India, but has been available in some areas since April. It comes with a 7-day battery life on a charge, GPS function, 24/7 heart rate monitor, and more.