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The best VR headset 2020: which headset offers the best computer generated simulation experience?

Welcome to our pick of the best VR headsets - a guide committed to helping you locate the correct headset for your financial limit, your room and, in particular, your needs and wants with regards to premium VR encounters. 

For what reason would it be advisable for you to dish out on a VR headset by any stretch of the imagination? All things considered, as a type of stimulation, there's nothing very like computer generated simulation (VR). The vividness of VR is unmatched and, with the correct arrangement and the best VR headset, it can truly feel like you're strolling into an alternate measurement. You can utilize these entryways into the virtual world to watch motion pictures on a gigantic television from the solace of your swanky, upscale advanced family room, adventure into the farthest reaches of room with instructive applications and games or spend time with companions in applications like Altspace VR. 

Right now, there are four primary players as far as standard VR headsets - Oculus, PlayStation and HTC - in addition to Valve, which just discharged its first-party headset called the Valve Record a year ago. 

Can't choose which one is directly for you? Try not to stress. We've attempted them all, and would now be able to offer authoritative exhortation on every single model - along these lines, right away, read on for our pick of the best VR headsets for a scope of gadgets and spending plans.